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Come to Flores Island Indonesia with Christian Peter, Flores Driver and Tour Guide or English speaking driver since 2008
Christian Peter, The #1 Guide, Guide Driver and English Speaking Driver Flores Island, Indonesia


COME TO FLORES is perfect for the outdoor ones, for those who're looking for an unforgettable experience, once in a life time Flores Island Adventure. Over 7 years Christian Peter, the owner of COME TO FLORES dedicates himself as your good guide or guide driver. English speaking driver is as well. Christian Peter guides and drives for people who love what culture and Flores nature has to offer.

Important Information

Due to some reservations often collide with available schedule, please book ahead to get convenient service. We apologize for some that cannot be served as schedule is filled.



Melvin Gatt and Clyde Micallef from Malta with Christian Peter, Flores Guide Driver
Melvin Gatt and Clyde Micallef from Malta with Christian Peter, Flores Guide Driver
Christian Peter is not the first time to serve French travelers who want to explore Flores Island. This tour guide specialist is always impressive as long as he assists what travelers wish. Unsurprisingly, Stephane Benard, a man from French said Christian Peter is a trustworthy. 2 comments from Stephane Bernard and Constanze Kämpfer you should know about the Christian Peter.

After Overland Trip 4D/3N, finished late April, Stephane Benard commented, “Christian Peter est une personne de confiance et absolument adorable. Nous avons fait avec lui le trajet de Maumere à Labuan bajo sans l'ombre d'un regret. Christian est un chauffeur prudent, discret et qui sait recommander les spots sympa et à faire selon vos souhaits et/ou budget (auberges, restau, paysages etc...). Nous le recommandons !!”

Benard said Christian Peter is a trustworthy and absolutely adorable person for him. The journey from Maumere to Labuan bajo was gained without a shadow of regret. Even, Christian is a discreet driver who knows how to recommend cool touristic spots and everything was done as long as his travel budget and  Constanze Kämpfer’s.
Kämpfer is a traveler from Germany. According to Kämpfer, there is no problem to contact Christian Peter by
email . She said this guide driver has adapted himself without hesitation to their wishes. They recommend him for some travelers who want come to Flores .

“Unsere Reise mit Christian Peter war einmalig! Wir haben ihn aufgrund seiner Bewertungen per Email kontaktiert und es nicht bereut! Er ist ein guter Fahrer und kennt sich sehr gut auf der Insel aus. Er ist immer pünktlich und hat sich ohne Zögern an unsere Wünsche angepasst! Er hat uns ausserdem gute Unterkünfte und Restaurants empfohlenen. Wir würden ihn jederzeit empfehlen! Thank you Christian Peter”, Kämpfer said. Give your comment
Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague... many Dutch cities are famous for their beautiful canals by boat in summer vacation. Unlike season before, this summer, Michiel Van De Weerd and Wez Luntungan did a different best thing some weeks ago in June. These travelers from Netherlands did a lovely summer trip in Flores Island with COMETOFLORES.COM . You may like Wez Luntungan’s travel story with Christian Peter, the Flores tour guide specialist… Read more
Melvin Gatt and Clyde Micallef from Malta with Christian Peter, Flores Guide Driver
COMETOFLORES.COM again guided two travelers from Malta, Mr. Melvin Gatt and Mr. Clyde Micallef on January 2017. All are expressed by Melvin Gatt in his comment. “5 t ijiem ma Christian kienu mil isbah ..tour guide mil ahjar go Flores fejn kien ta ghajnuna kbira u b karattru veru sabih .. Read more

SUCI LIAO : "Peter娴熟的开车技术让我们感到安全、"

I would thoroughly recommend Christian's tours as a great way to experience Flores.

Eileen Dempsey and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Suci Liao, a tour leader from China with Christian Peter, Flores Guide Driver
Eileen Dempsey recommended, "Just had an excellent four days with Christian travelling across Flores. He offers great value for money and local knowledge. He allows you to form your own itinerary, but gives advice if required. The car was spacious, comfortable and air conditioned. I would thoroughly recommend Christian's tours as a great way to experience Flores." Give your comment
Although road of Flores Island is not in a good condition for some Chinese travelers' opinion, COMETOFLORES.COM's driver, Christian Peter still made them feel safe. Suci Liao, a tour leader from China in Flores Overland Trip said that Peter had driving skills so they felt safe and rest assured. Read more
Thank You Very Much
Maria Chernysh and Christian Peter, Flores Driver


Guenter Ambros and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Maria Chernysh : Hi Christian!:) We are back from Flores:) still didn't work out my photos:) as soon as it is done, I will send them to you!:) anyway THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything! For your kindness and sense of humor, for your advices and your help!:)). Give your comment
On late December 2016, 26 Dec - 04 Jan, 2017, COME TO FLORES took Mr. Guenter Ambros in an overland and oversea trip around Flores Island, Indonesia. Rainy season is not a barrier for this German traveler. In short." SAY NO TO RAIN". Even, Guenter Ambros said, "Wer glaubt, ein Urlaub in Indonesien lohnt sich nicht während der Regenzeit, den möchte ich hiermit vom Gegenteil überzeugen. Aufgrund der östlichen Lage ist die Insel Flores vom trockenen australischen Klima beeinflusst, wodurch die sich Regenzeit überhaupt nicht negativ auswirkt." Guenter added, "Im Gegenteil: Saftige grüne Landschaften begleiten den Reisenden sowohl... Read more

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I'm Not Just Selling Voice
Christian Peter says, " I can articulate and make you easy to understand and know how to communicate however you are. When I run a trip with you, I share knowledge, history, and a story, like play a role with my good sense of humor at ease feeling and happy."
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Passion for Flores Island
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More Peter says, "Passion for Flores Island and all things to do is my trademark. The trip I plan for you is flexible with spontaneous moments and using my unique approach for different types of you. I am ready to organize your trip and to create a few delays for your privacy. I keep understanding of your own special needs."


Come to Flores, Find The #1 Exotic Trip with Chritian Peter


    Are you too hard to find a dream vacation with exotic trip in Indonesia? Come to Flores and let the fun begin. Be calm and find the way out to come to Flores.
    Here is the way. Read why come to Flores and what do travelers tell you about Christian Peter’s service. Don’t forget take your phone and call Christian’s number. Use what’s Up to connect him and like him at Facebook to prove the service.
    Be pro-active to communicate what traveling needs you own. Privacy discretion is advised. Christian Peter helps you to find what your actual needs clearly and how you come to Flores with keeping traveling safety.
    Enroll your exact date to get pick up on time and always be connectable person. As you say AGREE, so you say YES to come to Flores is the easiest.