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Come to Flores Island Indonesia with Christian Peter, Flores Driver and Tour Guide or English speaking driver since 2008
Christian Peter, The #1 Guide, Guide Driver and English Speaking Driver Flores Island, Indonesia

COME TO FLORES is perfect for the outdoor ones, for those who're looking for an unforgettable experience, once in a life time Flores Island Adventure. Over 7 years Christian Peter, the owner of COME TO FLORES dedicates himself as your good guide or guide driver. English speaking driver is as well. Christian Peter guides and drives for people who love what culture and Flores nature has to offer.


SUCI LIAO : "Peter娴熟的开车技术让我们感到安全、"
Guenter Ambros and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Although road of Flores Island is not in a good condition for some Chinese travelers' opinion, COMETOFLORES.COM 's driver, Christian Peter still made them feel safe. Suci Liao, a tour leader from China in Flores Overland Trip said that Peter had driving skills so they felt safe and rest assured.

This condition is no different from what is disclosed by Melvin Gatt, a traveler from Malta , who resides in an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast

Not surprisingly, in January,  most of the island of Flores gets heavy rain and also as an obstacle for the overland guide driver and his guest in their trip. Actually Suci wanted to say that Peter's  patience and carefulness is a point that let they moved, so that six travelers from China felt more comfortable. They really appreciate it!

Suci Liao commented, "Peter娴熟的开车技术让我们感到安全、放心,尤其是在flores这种路况不好的地方。你的耐心、细心让我们感动,使我们的旅途变得更加舒服。谢谢Peter这五天的陪伴,we really appreciate it!" Their trip in Flores Island ended at Frans Seda Airport, Maumere in January 27, 2017. Give your comment

Ich werde Christian als einen Tourguide

Guenter Ambros and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
When he arrived in Batu Cermin, Guenter told you, "Mit dem Besuch der Höhle 'Batu Cermin' (Spiegelhöhle) geht meine 10-tägige Rundreise mit Christian zu Ende. Ich werde Christian als einen Tourguide... Read Guenter's Story
Great Guide and Driver
Jasper Jans and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Jasper Jans : Terima kasih untuk perjalanan yang indah! You were a great driver and guide. Thanks for showing us your beautiful Flores. Have a safe trip home and maybe we will meet again one day. Give your comment


Eva Derksen said, "We have spent 8 days with Christian and it was awesome! We felt very safe and comfortable so we could enjoy Flores to the fullest! Thank you Christian for taking care of us! If anyone should visit Flores and is looking for a great driver: Christian Peter is Your Man!"
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Guenter Ambros and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Thank You Very Much
Maria Chernysh and Christian Peter, Flores Driver
Maria Chernysh : Hi Christian!:) We are back from Flores:) still didn't work out my photos:) as soon as it is done, I will send them to you!:) anyway THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything! For your kindness and sense of humor, for your advices and your help!:)). Give your comment

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I'm Not Just Selling Voice
Christian Peter says, " I can articulate and make you easy to understand and know how to communicate however you are. When I run a trip with you, I share knowledge, history, and a story, like play a role with my good sense of humor at ease feeling and happy."
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Passion for Flores Island
More Peter says, "Passion for Flores Island and all things to do is my trademark. The trip I plan for you is flexible with spontaneous moments and using my unique approach for different types of you. I am ready to organize your trip and to create a few delays for your privacy. I keep understanding of your own special needs."
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