Explore Flores Island: Unforgettable Travel Experience with Us


Discover the hidden gems of Flores Island with our knowledgeable guide. From hiking volcanoes to diving in pristine waters, experience the true essence of this enchanting island. Start your adventure with our legal tour company today.


We fully worked as local guide and driver here in 2010 and been exploring Flores island and surround ever since. Our knowledgeable guide will not only provide valuable insights into the local history and traditions but also ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. We will take you off the beaten path to hidden gems and help you navigate through the diverse terrain of Flores Island. So, whether you're interested in hiking volcanoes, diving in pristine waters, or discovering ancient villages, having a local guide by your side is the key to unlocking the true essence of this enchanting island. Come to Flores and start your adventure with our legal tour company today.


“ I'm Christian Peter. I'm a local guide and driver who have been working in Flores island and surround since 2010. You may escape to paradise with our exclusive selection of authentic travel packages until 12 days. From pristine beaches to vibrant cityscapes, our tour operator will take you on a journey of discovery, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.”


“My name is James. I am inspired by cometoflores.com. I'm a student of a tourism school and currently practicing at our tourism school . I am lucky to share my time with Christian Peter, who is an experienced local guide and driver. Together, we are ready to share our finding with you.”


'' Hello we highly recommend traveling in Flores with Christian....He is a very safe driver who knows the island in and out....Flores is amazing to discover and has many things to offer : volcanoes, mountains, sea side, beaches, jungle....Flores is a well kept secret that you should come and discover, especially with Christian '". - Daphne

'' We did the 9-day tour with Christian in Flores and are so happy!! He is a very friendly and authentic guide. He has great experience and knows beautiful place. We saw almost no tourism during our tour. We enjoyed beautiful sunrises and sunsets, marveled at beautiful rice field, watched thousands of flying foxes, snorkeled at the most beautiful coral reefs, visited loneliest island, always ate well and got in contact with local people. During the car trips we always felt safe. We were also able to make requests such as hikes so he is very flexible and it is worthwhile to look together with him what interests you. The 9 day's are very worthwhile and we highly recommend doing this with Christian.'" - Mel

'" Hi everyone, I had a very good time with Christian this holiday, he took us from Labuan Bajo to Maumere, he was a truly great driver, he drives very well, he was a very welcoming person. He revealed to us many things about his land, his culture and its people and he showed us some beautiful places and classic structures, he was a great person and it was an honor to have met him and traveled with him. Thank you Christian.'" - Laura

'' Hello together. We did 8 days tour with our guide Christian. He was just great. We showed a lot of deference places like some tourist place but also a lot of secret spots around the island. Very beautiful places and you can see : the sea, the mountains and a lot of plants and flower. We enjoyed and not only having fun, we able to visit the nature but also being able to see and meet a local people and have a great time with them. Thank you very much for the time. '" - Hanna


Experience the true essence of travel with our epic tour packages in Flores Island. Tailored to your preferences and interests, our itineraries ensure a seamless and unforgettable vacation experience. If you want to choose active activities to make your holiday memorable, we can organize your trip.