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Hi, I'm Christian Peter, a licensed local guide driver in Flores Island. I'm also the founder of Come to Flores Site. Need tips, trips, overland or car rent information, accommodation for less in Flores Island and surrounds? Contact my email and get our expert services for free.
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You may contact us to get our free consultation and guide quickly. We are ready to help to set up your plan to come to Flores Island immediately. Get as soon as possible a fast support and see the results via our WhatsApp Number at +6281-236-069-646.
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Don’t hesitate to ask for guide, support and fast information if you decide to come to Flores Island. We have dedicated ourselves as your well experienced licensed and local guide for 11 years since 2011. Check out our latest overland trip or real testimonials too.

Our Expert Services

When you decide to come to Flores Island for relaxing or immersing yourself in geography, history, culture, gastronomy even local languages, we are ready to provide you our experienced travel guiding, advising and scheduling services to reveal most priceless selection of things to see and do in the ultimate spot that matches your soul.

Guiding Service

First, we are providing you learning materials as you read on pages and blog that’s completed with some travel videos in and surround Flores Island before you decide to come to the Island. Second, as long as the trip, we are guiding your expedition and serving you in or out the vehicle in safety procedure for the comfort and well-being of you.

Advising Service

Are you serious to come to Flores Island? You should look for information like flight, best time, best mode of transportation for overland, car rent service rate, best accommodation option that fulfil your travel choice but don’t drain your trip expense. Get our best advice in options that makes you easy to come to Flores.

Scheduling Service

Our advice in options helps you to create a well-crafted travel itinerary. Once it is set up, let’s decide the best way to make reservation. To schedule your travel time to our calendar in advance signals our expert service is unavailable for anyone. It means we just focus on what comfort and well-being of you as long as you come to Flores.

Come to Flores Trip Service

Our service does not only help our clients to enjoy the destination and taste local delicacies. We also help them to learn more unique cultures and ancient traditions in Flores Island that challenge them to engage with different people and adventure so that and they can feel alive. We proud of them. After revealing most priceless selection of things to see and do in the island, they can enrich their mind and get education in new empirical experiences about come to Flores far beyond a number of learning materials as they read on our pages and blog. Check out how we guide them.

Nature Guide Session
Nature Guide Session

We were heading to Riung 17 Island. The islands are famous for their marine park that spoil your eyes. The beauty of the hills with green savanna and exotic faunas is bonus. If you hate snorkelling, just visit Kelelawar Island. You will be amazed by thousands of bats hanging on mangrove trees. Don’t make a little noise. They will fly over your boat. Doing this thing is less extreme than snorkelling or diving around Komodo National Park or Pink Beach

Trekking Guide Session
Trekking Guide Session

Flores Island is a classroom for curious travellers who desire to explore difficult terrains like Waerebo. The journey to UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Indonesia is challenging. Once on the spot, you are not only really fascinated by Mbaru Niang architecture but through authentic encounters with unique local people and lifestyle, you can glean fascinating facts that helps you enrich your philosophy of life. We guide you there.

Hiking Guide Session
Hiking Guide Session

We often guide our clients to navigate themselves on gorgeous mountain, pristine beach or calm lake expedition on a shot day trip. Our clients still love hiking Kelimutu lake. It’s your best spot for capturing sunrise moment in the middle of Flores Island. Padar and Rinca Island, Cunca Wulang and Cunca Rami Waterfall are great for hiking. Hiking is something for fun and not extreme like trekking but we keep safety procedure the comfort and well-being of clients.

City Guide Session
City Guide Session

A city guide in Flores Island is great option to be considered. We point out our clients to visit a number of cultural studios located not far from the city centre. We can visit Old Sikka Church which has unforgettable architectural points from Europe. To Blikon Blewut museum is a must. If you feel hungry, we can also taste delicious local food and beverage before embarking the next destination.

Come to Flores Testimonials

What our clients are saying about come to Flores travel services. Find more in testimonial page or you can look up easily on Come To Flores, Indonesia Fanpage

Natacha Dansette Warin

"Hello Christian, traveling with you was really fantastic! You are a very great person and safe driver! Thank you very much!!!!"

Natacha Dansette Warin France
Julian Martin

"We had a fantastic 9-days car tour through Flores with Christian last november...from Riung to Maumere. Looking forward to our next tour"

Julian Martin Switzerland
Anna II

"Hi Christian vielen Dank für die coole Tour von Ende nach Maumere und den ganzen Einblicken in die Landschaft, Kultur, Land und Leute! Hat Spaß gemacht - und Die Kakao Frucht war super! Bis sehr bald in Flores!"

Anna II Germany

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